What is a solar air conditioner?

September 14, 2015

Solar air conditioning are air conditioning system (cooling & heating) that uses solar power to operate.

 How this technology saves energy: The solar flat plate system absorbs infrared rays and other radiance from the sun. This solar flat plate then becomes internally hot and therefore heats the refrigerant gas as it passes through. In turn the refrigerant is provided with thermal energy. This process raises the internal energy of the molecules of the refrigerant. They move with a higher value of kinetic energy (higher velocity) than before. The gas molecules collide with one another and rebound with higher energies. This leads to intermolecular forces to weaken and the molecules space out further which then results in an increase in volume.

 At this point most, if not all of the pressure produced from the additional heat is released in mass volume flow and therefore substantially increased molecular velocity of the refrigerant gas. Thus resulting in an increase in the temperature difference between condensing and ambient temperatures. Leading to an increase in the surface area of the condenser.

The Condenser Process:

The system’s condenser is designed to manage the compressor running at full load. During full sun (when a conventional air conditioner runs at full load), the condenser process in a solar air conditioner will ensure that the compressor virtually never runs at full load. The heat from the solar flat plate, utilizes the heat (temperature only), increasing the gas molecules kinetic energy, hence increasing the mass volume flow, and also creating an improved Delta T therefore actually enhancing the efficiency of the heat exchanger (condenser) in a solar air conditioner.

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