Solar Energy in Brazil

February 29, 2016

In recent decades Brazil has been changing and updating its technologies, including the ones concerned to energy sources. On Brazilian soil, the main energy systems are hydroelectric, coal, oil and biofuels, not counting the smaller proportion, such as nuclear power and natural gas.

The main source of energy used to generate electricity in the country is hydroelectric. Currently, 90% of the energy that Brazilians consume originate from hydropower. The country is proud to use this feature so strongly, since they are considered "clean sources". Nevertheless, Brazilians, who are privileged in this regard, waste an energy source that is inexhaustible, powerful and that is offered by nature with the utmost generosity.

Having a tropical climate with high daily exposure to the sun in all seasons, especially in the Northeast and Midwest territory, Brazil has extremely favorable conditions for the production of energy through photovoltaic systems. Even so, solar energy is still little used.

In Israel, for example, a country with similar geographic proportions to the Brazilian state of Sergipe, at least 70% of households use solar energy. Germany, Japan, United States and Indonesia also stand out in this regard. In Brazil, if we add the capacity of all the various plants that produce electricity, the power arrives in the amount of 132 gigawatts (GW). However, solar photovoltaic systems (which transform sunlight into electricity) occupy only 0.0008% of that total. It is clear, then, how low is the use of this such abundant and inexhaustible energy source.

Part of this situation has its origins in the '70s, due to the political goals of that time, which boosted investments in hydropower and dam construction. That thought generates its effects to this day. In addition, people claim that the cost of installation of photovoltaic systems are very high. Well, with solar energy, the expense will be only with equipment that, once installed, will have their costs diluted in time to zero. On the other hand, electricity costs are still too high, not counting the constant readjustments and errors in reading the clock.

This paradigm is slowly changing. Not only for economic reasons but also for environmental preservation issues, the subject of green energy is growing. Thinking about it, companies from Brazil and other countries are investing in the Brazilian market. The American EcoSolarCool® just arrived in the country, offering refrigerators, freezers and a novelty that are air-conditioners, all of which are solar power equipment. The installation is simple and the savings can reach 50% in energy consumption compared to a conventional device.

It is a promising market for entrepreneurs who want to invest. The current time could not be better to join the industry and photovoltaic energy trade.

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