Power outages in Argentina

February 29, 2016

Why is solar energy the best source of energy? Why are Solar Refrigerators, Solar Chest Freezers and even Solar Air Conditioners increasingly more favored by end consumers and businesses?

To answer these questions, let´s address the following : February in Cordoba, Argentina, the temperature is typically about 104F at 2 pm. Millions of freezers, air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances are consuming electricity at an alarming rate. There are also power outages, every day, sometimes lasting 45 minutes and occasionally up to several days.

The consequences is millions of angry people, thousands of businesses suffering the loss of valuable goods. This creates the belief that traditional electrical power in Cordoba is unreliable.

Solar Refrigerators, Solar Chest Freezers and Solar Air Conditioners continue to work irrespective of power outages, cooling rooms, keeping food refrigerated and eradicating wastage due to loss of power.

There has also been an increase in the electricity tariff of up to 500%. This has affected all Argentinian provinces. Hence, electricity is not only unreliable but now also extremely expensive! This is typical not only in Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and other Argentinian provinces, but also throughout Latin America.

It is for these reasons, that many consumers now believe that solar energy is no longer a trend but a reality to which thousands of people and businesses throughout Latin America are adopting.

Solar Refrigerators, Solar Chest Freezers and Solar Air Conditioners are increasingly acquired by consumers who understand that they now have the ability to enjoy a source of renewable energy, that is clean, reliable, free and provides independence.

EcoSolarCool has launched an ambitious expansion plan to serve the Latin American market, providing reliable and energy efficient solar powered products to thousands of people and businesses throughout Latin America at great value. From Solar Refrigerators used to preserve food for families to Solar Chest Freezers and Solar Air Conditioners, used in a variety of applications including holiday homes/ cabins, medical and laboratory environments, RVs, the marine industry, commercial and industrial environments to name but a few.

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