About Us

EcoSolarCool® is a global brand of solar refrigerators, solar freezers and solar powered air conditioners servicing consumers worldwide since 2007. Our products are used in a variety of applications including: homes, farms, cabins, offices, boats, RVs (caravans) and laboratories worldwide.

Energy-efficiency in home cooling/ heating as well as food storage and product accessibility is at the forefront of the EcoSolarCool® mission statement. We believe green energy products should be affordable, workable and reliable.

Our product range include floor standing and wall mounted solar air conditioners with dual cooling and heating functionality. EcoSolarCool® solar ACs have cooling & heating capacities ranging from 12,000 to 48,000 Btu.

Our solar powered refrigerators and freezers come in sizes ranging from 9.2 to 15.5 cubic feet in a variety of styles, including chest-style freezers and upright combined refrigerator-freezers. We offer a selection of products to meet any cooling, heating or freezing needs.

Why Switch to Solar Refrigeration & Air Conditioning?

Each EcoSolarCool® refrigeration or air conditioning system is in the highest A+++ energy-efficiency class. Our solar-powered refrigerators and freezers are lined with thick polyurethane insulation and work to maximize energy-efficiency. Our solar-powered air conditioners typically consume at least 40% less energy than the conventional alternating current air conditioners used in most modern homes.

True efficiency goes beyond solar power. That's why all EcoSolarCool® solar-powered products feature built-in energy-saving-mode components to ensure each unit doesn't guzzle more power than it needs. They also feature an automatic shut-off that ensures all products have a long service-life.

With EcoSolarCool® products, you’ll see several instant benefits:

Savings – Our solar refrigerators,  freezers and air conditioners starts saving on household energy consumption instantly upon installation.

Environment – reduces your reliance on non-renewable energy sources, like oil and gas, reducing your carbon footprint.

Access – provides reliable refrigeration, cooling and heating in areas where traditional power sources are unreliable or unavailable.

Maintenance – each refrigerator, freezer or air conditioner unit is quick and easy to maintain.

Our comprehensive service includes a consultation and installation guidance for your solar air conditioning, refrigerator and freezer system. All our products can operate at an input voltage of 12/ 24 volts and with a 2-year warranty*. We want to make your move to solar power as easy as possible, so if you’re ready to go solar, contact us today.

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