How to Calculate How Many Solar Panels & Batteries Needed for a Solar Refrigerator & Solar Freezer

In this article we will demonstrate how to easily calculate what you need in terms of Solar Panels and Batteries in order to properly operate your EcoSolarCool solar refrigerators and solar freezers anywhere in the world.

After reading this blog, you will be able to calculate what size of solar system/ kit required.

The critical information needed to determine the Power Consumption of your DC fridge or freezer is the Average Solar Hours (or peak sun hours) of the city & country the unit will be used in.

Our product pages show the Power Consumption of each model, so that information is already available for you.

For US and Canadian customers, the Solar Hours, is available by please log onto the NREL website using the link below:

On the top left hand corner of this page (next to “Get Started:”), please type in your zip code (US addresses) or postal code (Canadian addresses) and then click the “Go” button. On the following page, please click on the “Results” button, which is located on the top of this page. The next page will display a set of results. Please look in the table under Solar Radiation (kWh / m2 / day). This information shows the average monthly solar hours for this address. Please select a figure that is the smallest figure of the year. The number you selected will be used as the Average Monthly Solar Hours to be used in the calculations.

For addresses outside of US and Canada, you will need to use the following link:

In this Webpage, you should select the Country and Town/City the unit will be installed in, and then select the appropriate Solar Panel direction that you plan to install your solar panels. If you don’t know this, you can use an estimate of ‘Facing directly North’ or ‘Facing directly South’ in the third field.

Now you’re presented with the Average Solar Insolation Figures for each month of the year, and here comes a very important step: you need to select a figure that is the smallest figure of the year. The number you selected will be used as the Average Monthly Solar Hours to be used in the calculations.

After using either of the above websites to determine the Average Monthly Solar Hours, please proceed below:

For EcoSolarCool Solar Upright Refrigerators and Solar Chest Refrigerator/ Freezers calculations, use the following equation:

Power Consumption x 1000

-------------------------------------- = Solar Panel Size (in Watts)

Peak Sun Hours

NB: The power consumption figure used in the above equation should be in kWh/day (DO NOT USE Wh/ day figures in the above calculation)

That is to say, multiply the Power Consumption by 1,000 and then divide it by the Average Solar Hours determined from the Nrel or Solar Electricity Handbook websites. Round up the result to the nearest 50 integer, and you’ll have the Solar Panels size in Watts needed to operate your Solar Refrigerator or Solar Freezer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate on contacting us and we’ll be more than happy to further assist you.

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