Great appliance, awesome customer service!

We purchased the refrigerator in September 2013 after looking at all of the available solar refrigerator options. It was shocking to see how few options available and that as most were chest type, no conventional upright refrigerator/ freezers. We installed it in our all solar off grid house. It has been a great appliance and I really like the modern style and look. It is super energy efficient. I would recommend this and the awesome service you will receive will not disappoint.

Pam on May 06, 2016

Ecosolarcool solar fridge!

We were very please with the full support we received during the purchase and especially during shipping. The product seemed to be excellent. looking forward for more business ventures.

Sam Wazni on May 03, 2016

3.5 cu ft Solar Freezer (ESCF100)!

Installed this freezer march /2015, working great. Needs very low power to operate.

Carl Fairclough on Nov 12, 2015

ESCR175N Solar Fridge Keeps Things Cool!

I bought this solar fridge for my mother and since then, the fridge has met all of her food storage needs. No longer does she have to go food shopping everyday buying little quantities. This has made my mother extremely happy and she is telling everyone she knows about it. The fridge works perfectly and the installation was neat and tidy. Keep up the good work.

Hanne Kay on Jul 16, 2015

The solar refrigerator continues to work great!

I bought ESCR175 solar refrigerator nearly a year ago. The refrigerator continues to work great. It is so much quieter than a conventional refrigerator and I cannot fault its performance in keeping my food at the appropriate temperature to insure its freshness. One does have to defrost every 2-3 months for optimum performance which keeps the refrigerator odor free also. PS. Another plus is that it does not generate the heat like other fridges which is great for my small space on a hot summer day.

Nancy Z. on Jul 02, 2015

The idea of a solar powered battery operated freezer ESCF250 was really exciting! 

I had my doubts at first but the thought of food storage independent of the unstable power from the grid was too good an opportunity to pass up. I gave it a try and I am delighted I did. This is what every family should have in Africa. No more food waste, everything frozen solid. On the down side, it's a little bit noisy compared to our regular freezer we plug directly into the grid, it needs a light bulb inside and the price needs to come down so that most people in Africa can afford it.

Bose W. on Jul 02, 2015

The solar freezer is great!
We received our Solar Powered Freezer in 2012 and it was delivered quickly by UPS. They unloaded and put it in our garage using a small pallet jack. The freezer is great!

Carl D. on Jul 02, 2015

Doesn't consume as much battery power than I anticipated!

I used to live in Africa where there is virtually no power. Had to find a solution for food preservation and water cooling, Its really hot down there. So we decided to buy a solar freezer. This was one of our best buys because its constantly cools and keeps stuff frozen. Doesn't consume as much battery power as i thought it would considering its size. I have no regrets with EcoSolarCool. In fact, my family bought 2 more freezers (8.8 cu) each and a fridge and we are loving it.

Didi O. on Jul 02, 2015

I am very satisfied with my decision on deciding on this unit and I am very relieved to NOT have to haul in those heavy(& costly) propane tanks!!!
When I was out at my beach house last year, my propane refrigerator stopped cooling, I spent a few dollars to have a tech come in to evaluate/repair. The refrigerator was only 2 years old, however, the tech stated that it could not be repaired and would need to be replaced. I put it "on hold" until my return here this year and so that I could investigate my options. I asked several other owners in my village, what they were using. Several have Sun****, however, every owner(6-7) had some type of problem with cooling, they either replaced the thermostat, electronic controller or needed to have them recharged OR had to upgrade the battery storage to at least 4 6 volt batteries. Since this is a very remote area, only accessible by boat, I wanted something more reliable, if possible. There were several others who had replaced their propane refrigerators with the ESCR175 and are extremely happy and satisfied with their choice. I contacted the EcoSolarCool company and asked them what additional parts would I need to keep on hand should there be a problem, their answer to me was, "we never had to replace any parts on any of our units". This surprised me since SunFrost recommended that I should purchase a few hundred dollars in extra parts"just in case". I decided to upgrade my solar and install a Ecosolarcool refrigerator/freezer..

Pier B. on Jul 02, 2015

I am extremely happy with my solar refrigerator!

After much investigating and comparing of solar refrigerators, I decided on having a EcoSolarCool 6.2 cu ft solar refrigerator freezer installed. My other considerations were Sun*****, which is extremely heavy and uses much more energy then the EcoSolarCool. I also considered a Sun******, however, they did not make an upright, dual refrigerator/freezer unit that would fit into the space where there had originally been a propane refrigerator. It was installed in Mexico with a 250 watt panel/MPPT controller 2 6 volt batteries. I am extremely happy with the refrigerator and service, and would recommend them to anyone interested in a solar refrigerator. Installed Nov.2013

Kathy N. on Jul 02, 2015

I am very impressed with the performance of the solar refrigerator!

I live in Los Chonchos Eco Preserve, Jalisco, Mexico. I had Homestead Energy upgrade my solar system out at my part time home on the Pacific coast of Mexico, just south of Puerto Vallarta. The upgrade consisted of a new, single, 250 watt solar panel, 2- Trojan T-105 6 volt batteries(connected as 12 volt), a Morningstar MPPT charge controller, and most importantly, a new EcoSolarCool 175 refrigerator/freezer. The system has been working great and I am very impressed with the performance of the refrigerator. During the "rainy season" there were times when the sun hardly came out for 5-6 days...the refrigerator continue to work great and there was very little draw on the batteries. I found that I only need to turn the dial on #1 for it to keep cold and make ice in the freezer! I no longer need to have heavy/costly propane tanks brought in, which was needed in the past for my propane refrigerator. I am very happy with the refrigerator and the installation. Installed Sept.2013

Peter K. on Jul 02, 2015

Keeps a steady temperature for fresh and frozen foods!

I'm a Realtor currently doing constructing an off grid home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I would have enjoyed owning one of these Eco Solar Cool (ESCR175) refrigerators the last time I built an off grid adobe home. At that time, I used a propane refrigerator. Many times I would return to find melted ice and rotten food. The design of this refrigerator keeps a steady temperature for fresh and frozen foods. The proof is in perfect ice cream texture. Also, it uses very little electricity which is good for solar applications. I think it is wise to have the pull out drawers which retains the cold when one is getting something from the freezer. The well boxed unit arrived soon and was light and easy to handle. Ordering was also easy because the Eco Solar Cool personnel were helpful with my electrical questions and knowledgeable about their products.

Rick Green on Jul 02, 2015

It was a good deal all around!

I bought an ecosolarcool solar fridge earlier this year and it was shipped for me to the Bahamas.

Val B. on Jul 02, 2015

So far so good!

So far so good. I installed my Ecosolarcool refrigerator as a separate system,( it runs as a 24v appliance) to the rest of my house which runs 12v input to the inverter in my off the grid setup. The fridge/freezer works effortlessly, I spent the first few days in total awe of the compactness of the design and how efficiently it worked. To my amazement when the sky was over cast and the other system was showing the warning light the Ecosolarcool set up was fully charged and functioning as though it was a sunny day outside due in part to the low amp requirement I was informed by the technician who did the installation. It currently runs off of two AGM Intimidator 100Ah batteries. The customer service was very professional and helpful, which is comforting when you are purchasing from Guyana (outside the United States), it arrived before the expected date in tact, the Paypal payment system worked well and after sales questions and guidance was prompt and yes helpful, it is great to have same day or at least next day response to your questions (assisting with installation). I would definitely recommend this product based on my to date experience, if the fridge works as well as it does I only wonder at the freezers performance.

Rand K. on Jul 02, 2015

It really works great!

I have been running my Ecosolarcool refrigerator in my off grid cabin for a little over a month now. It really works great. My fridge runs on the same solar system that runs the rest of my house. My whole house's system consists of two Kyocera 245 watt panels, the Outback Power Flexmax 80 charge controller and 4 390 ah deep cycle batteries. It took a little time to get the temp setting correct but after that I have had no problem with it. It just runs!!! It is really great to not have a power bill or have to buy propane to run my fridge. The guys at Ecolsolarcool were great, easy to contact and talk to on the phone. I would recommend Ecosolarcool for your solar powered refrigerator needs.

Bri R. on Jul 02, 2015

Good Stuff!

These units are great. I have the eco solar fridge and freezer at my off grid home. No more voltage drops like with A/C compressors. Two good solar panels, a charge controller and a couple deep cycle batteries is all you need for super efficient operation.

Joelstudio on Jul 02, 2015

Nice website, easy selection, smooth ordering, and excellent product!

We got an Ecosolarcool solar freezer three months ago. Nice website, easy selection, smooth ordering, and excellent product..! It's been humming along since we plugged it in and it keeps the food very cold. We are happy with our purchase!

mrprep on Jul 02, 2015

Saves big $/yr over propane fridges. good seals, nice features and layout!

I own both the ecosolarcool solar freezer and solar fridge on an off grid farm in the central valley heat in CA. They both perform well with about 300 watts of solar and a large battery bank for warm nights. very low power draw in the cool season, but significant in the hot season. Be sure that you have a large enough battery bank to get through the nights. Saves big $/yr over propane fridges. good seals, nice features and layout.

Antinuke on Jul 02, 2015

I have to say the wait was worth it!

I bought a 7 cu ft ecosolarcool solar freezer about a year ago. I didn't find many reviews when I bought it but it was discounted and so was a good deal compared to other freezers on the internet . It took about 2 weeks to arrive but I have to say the wait was worth it. I am out in LA and I use two 100 watt solar panels that I bought off craigslist to power it and it works a treat. I reckon I have saved more than $1,000 since I switched from my old propane fridge. I am happy to recommend this freezer.

Solmac on Jul 02, 2015

Installed on our live aboard boat!

Great fridge. We installed it on our boat, and it has exceeded all of our expectations. Draws an extremely brief 6A at startup, and then settled into an average of 4A. it is extremely quiet; we thought it was broken at first. The freezer is powerful. The only drawback is the necessity to defrost it as the ice grows in the freezer, which is a nice tradeoff for a fridge that hardly heats its own environment and is so efficient. Looking forward to installing some solar panels.....

John and Suzy on Jun 27, 2018

I love this solar refrigerator!

This is a good solar fridge, I love it.
Runs great . I have it running from 2- 12 volt batteries wired to 24 volts.
Powered by 4-100 watt solar panels, wired to 24 volts.
I wired it straight to the battery with a 7.5 amp in line fuse.
I used 12 gauge strained wire.
The solar fridge is about 15 feet from the battery bank.
The solar panels keeps the batteries at about 28 volts.
I have the reff set at about the 1/4 on the switch.
It will freeze the ice in a short time. few hours.
Now all I need is a AC that works as well as this Reff,

Great Refrigerator.

Willard on Apr 18, 2018

EcoSolarCool ESCR355GE Upright Solar Refrigerator!

I recently purchased the Ecosolarcool 12.5 cu. ft. refrigerator and I wanted to give you my 5 star rating for this wonderful appliance. First, the shipping materials were superior, fully intact, not a hint of damage. I wired it , with the required 7.5 amp fuse, into my 24 volt system. It was a breeze to install, and was cold enough to freeze in 3 hours. This unit runs so quietly I put my ear up to it several times to ensure that it was running. The juice it draws is barely noticeable! Overall a very attractive, well built, and easily installed appliance. Thank you all, I am quite pleased! ...Doug

Doug W. on Apr 26, 2017

Works great!

24v dc. solar power. over a year now. 2 walmarts dc 12v battery, cheap china controler. 4 , 100 watt panels so get fast charge.

Now I need an ac that works the same.

Jim Lovell on Apr 28, 2019

I am sold!
I own both the refrigerator and the freezer. They are reliable and well built. Knowing that my food will be protected from perishing after a natural disaster is a life multiplier!

Miguel Garcia on Jul 29, 2020

Installed in my 1963 restored aluminium travel trailer!

Purchased in October 2016. Stunning color and size. Have not had a chance to fill it up until our summer trips in 2017, but out of the box it froze my glass of water in an hour. Very quite and efficient. I am running it off a 100 amp hr lithium battery with a 150 watt solar panel with out any problems. I see they have larger units now and feel very lucky that I bought a 7.5 q ft. unit before the larger ones came out. Would love to send a pic of the installed unit. Love it !

Dennis R. on Mar 30, 2017